Rapper The Game Sued For Sexual Assualt


Reportedly The Game got a little handsy with a contestant during a scene on his new Reality TV dating show “She’s Got Game”.  Now I know The Game is a creep, which begs me to ask what type of women wants to get a chance at dating him knowing that.  I mean we watched 3 seasons of Marrying the Game and that didn’t happen and she has 2 kids with him. 

TMZ Reports:

The Game is being accused of sexually assaulting a contestant on his reality show, and the alleged victim is suing for $10,000,000.

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Illinois, Priscilla Rainey says she was cast on Game’s show, “She’s Got Game” earlier this year — and on May 22, she was shooting a scene in a sports bar.

In the docs, Rainey says Game was “out of control,” drunk, and on drugs. She says over the course of the evening, Game sexually assaulted her several times … including “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”
We’ve reached out to Game for a response to the suit … nothing back yet

So knowing he doesn’t give the Mother of his children the respect she deserves to make it work, what put it in yours or any of the other contestants minds that it’d be any different for you?  Now the only way I can see this being a viable case in court is if she immediately resigned from the shoot, directly following the scene.
  If she didn’t have a problem while shooting the only way I can see she had a problem with it after the fact is if she got voted off.  Which leads to another question of whether this was done out of spite because of the latter.

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