There was a lot going on in Milwaukee this weekend and if  I had of blinked I would of missed it.

The violence erupted after word got round an unknown suspect was gunned down by Police in the area.  Which in turned angered a lot of citizens enough were several riots & lootings of gas stations and convenience stores took place.  Several people who were there posted videos and photo’s of what transpired that night.


According to NBC NEWS:

Violence and protests erupted in Milwaukee overnight after a man was fatally shot by police during a foot chase.

Police said the victim, 23, was armed with a handgun and shot dead by an officer after fleeing a traffic stop on Milwaukee’s north side Saturday afternoon.

Hours later angry crowds took to the streets, smashing a police car and setting fire to another. One officer was injured by a flying brick; a gas station and auto-parts store were set alight. Police said gunshots were heard.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett pleaded for calm at an early morning news conference, asking residents to “do everything” to help restore order.

“If you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears and get ’em home,” he said.


I can understand protesting and showing your upset by boycotting, but to destroy several small business’s in your neighborhood is plain dumb. Think about all the people who don’t have transportation to get to & from the store for simple things like toilet paper or a cool drink.  To see this video and watch the destruction of a neighborhood in which no one who lives there seems to care about, is saddening.

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