Russell Wilson & Ciara America’s New Fav. Power Couple

The Fans at Taylor Swift Concert in Seattle, WA Century Link Stadium were got a joyous surprise when Ciara and Seattle’s own Quarterback walked on stage;  The applause and jeers of happiness were contagious.  Taylor was jamming her board charting hit “Style” and the band was jamming.  It was a great way to end the night. 

I love Russell Wilson and Ciara for the image there putting out there not just for the youngster’s but also for couples as whole.  There making dating, being abstinent and monogamy cool again.  There an example of what building a solid foundation for the Future means (No Pun Intended). 

Even if they did decide to break up they can walk away knowing that this may not of been for me but it was nice knowing you and genuinely mean it.  I can see it being a mutual and not messy break up.  You cant fake positivity on this high of a level.  Ciara’s always had such a gentle and noble spirit, so it’s only befitting of her to have that in a man.

  I remember when she first started dating Future, thinking to myself “This isn’t going to work out”;  I could see she genuinely loved Future, I just didn’t see it in his eyes.  Hell he wear shades all the time.  I wouldn’t date any one like that.  I need to see my mans eyes, IJS. 

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj wished they love was on this level.  Nicki & Meek Mills Relationship is getting stale.

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