50 Cent Incites Violence, Tells Meek Mill to Shoot Drake


First thing I want to address, “Why is 50 Cent Commenting on this issue right now?” 
You going through enough hip hop beef of your own.  Owing Rapper Rick Ross Baby mama that 5 million you owe her.  He should come out with a diss record on your messy A**.  If he did he’d murk you with your own words. 

All them pictures you post of stacks of money, all those flashy clothes, jewelry and houses you said it yourself its all fraudulent.  In all honesty Meek Mill is above you right now in the realness dept.  Atleast he kept his whackness real.  You’ve been fronting for a while homie.  From the mouth of babes to your lips, “Your just a window shopper”.  LOL Pun Intended. 

Then you go and say something as ignorant as “You gone have to shoot that ******a”.  Seriously you’ve could of kept that to yourself.  The situation aint even that deep, that’s the funny part about Meek trying to call somebody out.  Especially on some stuff you call somebody and hash out over the phone, “Like dude could you tweet my album, please and Thank You.  These are the silly things people do die for in the world especially the Hip Hop community, its just not worth it.

Floyd Mayweather may not know how to read, but he know how to make and count his money.  That’s real wealth and the reason he is #TMT you were just an a guest.

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