Meek & Nicki Minaj Relationship is Getting Stale

They always look so constipated around each other.  There’s something odd about them, like she needs to break down what she see’s in this man.  Cause I don’t see it. 

Maybe its not meant for me to, but since you both want to flaunt your relationship on stage and off then it’s your duty to make me believe. 

 That’s what you want me to do right? 

Is that the reason why yawl going out your way to start all this unnecessary beef in hip hop.  It’s already to much going on in the world.

Why cant you all just be together, your first mistake was allowing the Drake & Meek situation get to be where it was.  You could of smooth that out. 

Like come on why would you add to the demise of your own Career.  If it wasn’t for a lot of the songs were on with you nobody would of even continued to pay you any attention. 

 He’s key to you staying relevant right now.  Considering you already done Safari wrong, when all he ever did was have your back.

If you’d of made your tour more about the music and less about the Drama, then you’d probably made a believer out of me relationship wise.  Instead it back fired on the both of you all and yawl look super fraudulent.  Its annoying.


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