@KylieJenner Jet Setting With @Tyga ,Viva Mexico!


I don’t know about you, but I found it hella weird that a 25 year old man who’s been denying dating this 17 year for the past year maybe longer then we’ve noticed (For all we know..) and on her 18th Birthday cause they’ve been just great friends he “Buys” her a 285,000.00+ Car?  GTFOH!  If you don’t get your “Dark Twisted Fantasy” #FacedA** out of here.  Seriously?! I, meaning me  suppose to look at this car and go awww how sweet”.  Stop!  It’s cool son you got your “Woman” a car on her Birthday.. Something you’ve had plenty of time to save up for apparently.  She had you out here working for that.. huh? 
Anyways the “Newly” announced couple flew the coup and headed off to Mexico to continue in the Birthday festivities in Private, away from prying eyes.  You know photos of them canoodling have to go for a cool $150,000.00 which they’ll more then likely have assistants snap of them and hawk off to the highest bidder.  Which I’m sure they could use the cash to pay off the car Kylie (Throws Shade,Clears throat), I mean Tyga just “Bought” for Kylie..

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