Tamar Braxton "If I dont Have You" Video


I thought the beginning with Ne Ne’s acting was a bit much.  I don’t undersand how someone successfully pull’s off being a Bitch 99.9 percent of the time in real life, failed so miserably in the making of this video.  I’d of just got her part out or short.  Go back and edit her out, other then that I enjoyed Tamar’s beautiful voice, and artistic feats she trumped in this video. 

She gave me Paris meets Harlem Nights, it was dripping in beautiful jewelry and gowns.  I love how her music and her videos display her femininity so beautifully.  She’s naturally gorgeous without the effects and you put that on her she’s true bombshell material.  Vince is a very lucky man.

I’ve been rocking with Tamar since the “Don’t Wanna Love Me” single.  I forgot that she was even the group the Braxtons or didn’t realize. 

I’m proud of Tamar in finally getting her shine that she’s long worked hard for.  She deserves all her accomplishment and accolades that she’s obtained thus far and she can honestly say she done it off her own merit. 

She didn’t get nominated for a Grammy because of her sister, please believe that.  You go girl!!

Slay the rest of this year and the beginning of the next and gone pop out a brudda or a sissy for Logan..  He’s such a beautiful, bright and thoughtful little guy and he’d make a great BIG Brother “Maybe Monday”.. LOL Peace out @Ms_Mobetta

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