Married to Medicine Recap *New Episode* Season 3 Ep 11


I just do not for the life of me care for Quad’s attitude on this show.  It’s not cute, not becoming and just plan unnecessary.  

Heavenly is plain crazy, dropping her child off with somebody talking about “You said anytime, drop her off”.  I’d of turned her and that adorable little girl around.  I actually wouldn’t Alaura is a character, so I would of entertained her for only so long before I’d had to check her.

Toya’s husband Dr.Eugene calls her out about not having a career and how she never discussed it with him.  Toya in turns try’s to turn it into “Well, you told me you didn’t want me to work for the first few years of our children’s life”.  His response if priceless.

Lisa Nicole’s hubby confronts Quad about the Down low Rumor’s and I’m torn with how he responded.   Now it’s not for me to believe or not to believe and I’m certain he didn’t feel comfortable touching on the subject.  No man every think’s he’d have his man hood questioned whether it’s true or not.  Especially by someone who isn’t even there wife. 

Dr. Heavenly stays Team 2 Much,  she is a hardworking woman I give her that.

Dr. Jackie stay mad at somebody but atleast she call them out right then and there;  She’s more willing to tackle the situation as it rises instead of allowing it to fester.  She’d rather address it then let it go, somewhat reminiscent of myself.  I don’t have time wandering why somebody don’t like me.

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