#BBWLA Meghan Exposes Draya’s BFF Angel


Wow she got the drop on ol girl.  This type of information I wouldn’t go around putting out on someone who apparently has a history of making others disappear without a consequence in the world.  Let’s you know she has some type of pull some where and your beef its not even that deep. 

I hate when people think they can dig up dirt on you to hurt you or your pockets out of spite.  Like what beef does Meghan genuinely have with Angel outside of the fact she agreed with people who was sitting there talking in a group setting, about how wrong she was about acting like she didn’t know Jackie in the beginning. 

Hell I wasn’t even there and I think she’s full of it so who is Meghan to go around saying who can and cant say anything about it.  I really don’t like her and not in a good way.  I mean I can’t stand Nene Leakes but I like that she’s living her dream. 

Meghan on the other hand I don’t even care to know her last name; I’m trying to figure out why is she on the show and who convinced her to act an unnecessary fool every time she get’s the chance to.  Please dismiss this mess as soon as possible, she’s more fake and fraudulent then a fake I.D.   She’s annoying she only pop’s off on everybody except Tammy Roman and Shaunie Oneal cause she aint completely insane.

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