Keenan Helps Dig Hole for Bill Cobsy..


I found this to be hilarious, it makes you wonder who else has a Bill Cosby moment that took them to the left when they he said something left field.  They should do a skit and start a trend called #Cosbying and that’s were random people you wouldn’t suspect say off the wall, out of ordinary comments that take people aback. Bill’s early comedy was very fouled mouth so it comes as no surprise to me, but these women are coming out the woodworks.  Some after decades of not saying anything how can we even mark the validity of some of the accusations.  Hell 3 more came out just this week, I’ve lost count after the 20th or so person came out.  I’m contemplating making an accusation myself, see how far it’d get me before he’ll admit he never even met me.

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