BlaccChyna Solidifies Boo-Ship W/Future Tat, while Mr.Hendrix Denies

Blac Chyna caused an uproar the other day when posting a pic of her new ink. 
She decided amidst the rumors of her and Future dating that she was going to put more fuel to the fire it, in proclaiming it so.  I didn’t think she expected what was to follow…

Future played that real cool.  Seem like maybe you’d of waited a little while longer to solidify your position with each other before you go tatting yourself.  You’d of thought they were so in love.  I’m all about my girl Blac Chyna winning in life, I’m telling you now leave these rap dudes alone. 

For all you know Tyga told him to get at you and make you look crazy.  I’m certain he had to known something about this tattoo prior to you getting it.  You don’t come off like the slow type, now that I’m thinking aloud while typing this.  Well either way at least his name is easily transmittable to something else if she wanted to change it.

Kylie Jenner is somewhere chuckling..smdh

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