Halle Berry "Another Husband Bite’s The Dust" #Divorce Imminent


Halle Berry & her Un-Happily Married Husband Olivier Martinez are Divorcing, in which only seem’s like 3 years of marriage (give or take a few months).  The crazy part about them divorcing is people had been speculating this now seems like for the past year and a half.  That’s two thirds of the time they’ve been married they been ready to call it quits.  Little birdies a whispering stating it has something to do with Cultural differences and Geographical issues. 

“Olivier who is a French doesn’t want to leave France and feels like living in a ‘fish bowl’ when he stays in the U.S. due to the press attention to the couple.”

I could see that.  I don’t see why Halle Berry Cares.  She don’t never go any where to make it such a big deal.  When’s the last time you’ve caught Halle Berry at Fashion Week or a Celebs party?  Not to say she wasn’t invited she just don’t go no where, don’t seem like. 

Well another Hubby hits the dust, atleast she don’t waste her time getting rid of them.  She let them go just as quick as she took them in don’t she? 

I’m happy she finally got the kid’s she wanted maybe now she can just focus on raising them and being a great mother.

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