WTF is Really Going on With Katt Williams?

Katt Williams has had a hell of a March so far.  It wasn’t even a been a full week into the month he was calling out Kevin Hart for being a Puppet who has someone’s hands up his butt.  Then not even a day or two later he was arrested for assaulting a clerk for being racist, per his words.  The day after that females reported that Katt and his crew assaulted and robbed them, he addressed that but no one truly understands what he was saying. 
Now fast forward to this past week when he’s in Philly on stage with Beanie Siegel and Beans Crew and this fool thought he had enough upper body strength to swing on someone.
Now this video below leading up to the incident makes perfect sense as to what dudes explanation was.  He was and has been acting as of lately as though he’s on something.  Im generally inclined to believe otherwise any other time because he seemed as though he’s all the way together.  But as of late I cant make much sense as to whats going on with him and why.  Keep Katt Williams in your prayers.

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