@KeyshiaKaoir Wants You to Know..

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She  want everybody especially you dudes to know who still has the key’s to her heart and that’s none other then Gucci Mane who seem’s like he’s never gone get out.  I don’t even know if they got a release date for this man yet.  Have to look into that for yawl…. (I did)  The search came back December 2016 possibly it wasn’t for certain.

One thing I can say about her for sure is that she’s been on her grind for years when it comes to cosmetics and waist trainers, so mama gets guap.  So she can take care of herself just fine, for those who are wondering why she sitting around waiting for this man.  Well he equally yoked with her when it comes to hustle.  Hopefully she can tame him enough to act right.  Because the trouble he got himself into was really unnecessary to me.  Pushing people out of cars while he driving and all kinds of violations.

Keyshia Kaoir also wants you to know she’ll be here on April 2nd 2016 with the Original Queen B “Lil Kim”

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