King Kylie, Back at it Again


kjso4I think the concept for the video-ad was farfetched, but you cant ignore the fact that Kylie and her Models were banging!  I know the girl to the top right of the screen was Chris Brown rumored boo years ago even before Karrueche.    I cant even hate the director of the video and whoever styled it did the damn thing.  It looked like it could of been turned into a short film if she wanted;  Those glosses and this video dropped yesterday and guess what?!


They all sold out in under 5 hours!!

Let’s not forget the fact that she already had these Mattes and they had been sold out the day before anticipating the drop of the glosses.  So congratulations to the lucky one’s who were able to actually make purchases.


I know I can give Kylie  a hard time at times; It’s just I get concerned she’ll get so caught up trying to piss Blac Chyna off by staying with her baby daddy, that she’ll put up with just about anything to stay together;  Life’s to short.  I like Kylie Jenner.  I follow her on snapchat & I find her very inspiring and funny.  I love the relationships she has with her family and her friends.  You can tell they have a great time.  I hope her and Tyga is where her heart actually wants to be and if its not I pray it doesn’t take years of her life wasted to figure it out it’s not.  I think her family does a great job of watching her back in that aspect though.  Hell they cant help but to thank Blac Chyna for bringing rob out of his shell.

Kylie Jenner is a Marketers dream her own lines of  Lip Mattes, Sticks & Glosses have Sold out online and she hasn’t even made it in store yet. She’s making millions and this video


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