b;ac chyna nyc

I know your wandering well how do you know that Blac Chyna and future are going to be in the same spot tonight… Well Blac Chyna’s photo states above she’s in NYC @ Aces tonight and if you check her snapchat Rob Kardashian is also with her.  I know Future is going to be there because in his snapchats he says he’s in new york and if I knew how to strip the video from his snaps I’d take the one in where he’s saying he’ll be at Ace’s tonight.

Photo Credit: Future SnapChat

I know your thinking well why does it matter there in the same building?  Well it wasn’t not even a year ago that Blac Chyna had a very brief fling with her Rapper/Co-Star of the Rich Sex Video.  Serious enough to her It resulted in Chyna getting Future name tattooed on her hand, only to have it covered up later after Future publicly came out and said he was single after photos of her tat were released.-See HereBlac Chyna Solidifies Booship With Future, With a Tat.

It was a very embarrassing and confusing time for Blac Chyna.  I thought to myself this cant be a coincidence I looked on both of there Instagrams to see if there would be a flyer with both there names on it as host and co-host.  Yet I only find one flyer and its on Blac Chyna’s page.  So that tells me Future is going out of his way to be messy and show up, like seriously?  Oh  where ever Blac Chyna is, is the place to be now, Future?  He’s such an attention whore, especially now since Ciara has sued him to keep her name out of his mouth.-See Here Ciara Gives No Fawks & Suing Future

Well She has her boo Rob with her so I’m thinking Future will be on his best behavior, considering the hostess can have him and his party escorted out at any time.

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