WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKSAfter exhausting all other options, John and Laura Taylor played by Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall seek to have a baby with the help of a surrogate named Anna. (Jaz Sinclair) Things take an unfortunate turn when Anna’s boyfriend is charged with domestic battery, which forces the Taylors to allow Anna to stay with them until their baby is born.

In the new Jon Cassar directed thriller When The Bough Breaks, Anna develops an unhealthy fascination with the handsome John, and the lavish lifestyle of the Taylors. Her interest then turns to obsession as she begins wearing Laura’s clothes and throwing herself onto John. All of this then leads the couple on a life or death chase to keep their unborn child safe, while Anna’s wicked game unfolds.

This  on the edge Drama-Thriller doesn’t have a tentative release date as of yet other then stating that its expected September 2016.

I love that I’m seeing more movies with African American Actors having more lead roles in movies and not just as a token I mean as supporting cast/actor.  I’m definitely going to check this out!

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