b77c9-ct3Im so happy for John & Chrissy and  I’m excited for the journey ahead of them, they make such a beautiful couple.   It wasn’t but a month ago they were having the baby shower-See Photos Here .  Now There Daughter is just 5 days old today and it these precious moments that are worth remembering. 


Chrissy Posted this beautifully candid photo of her and Baby Girl Luna earlier.  The dog seems to have come down with a case of jealousy.  Which is normal when there’s a new baby in the house. Dogs there lovable cuddly creatures who need attention too, it’s hurtful having to ignore them but when you’re a new mother your first concern is your baby,

Little Luna has a head full of hair which doesn’t come as a surprise to me considering her mama does.  Cant wait to get a closer look at her, I’m almost certain she looks like a girlie version of her daddy.



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