Black Ink Crew-Sky
Black Ink Crew-Sky

A lot of viewers were left wondering what actually transpired between Dutchess and Donna in Miami.  Well Black Ink Crew Member Sky took the time to clear up any confusion and provided her version of what really happened.In the version of Sky events they were all equal participants in the shenanigans that played out that night even her, with helping Dutchess ease into allowing Donna to do It by covering her eye’s and telling her to imagine its Ceaser.   The one thing that annoys me about it is Dutchess, she never owns up to her decisions or actions.  It’s always someone else’s fault and Cease needs to watch what moves he makes with her in the future, cause you never know what stories she’s liable to tell.  Dutchess doesn’t mind making rape allegations against another person when she was active and willing participant at first, it was ok til it dawned on her that she’d have to see these people again and Cease would probably find out.

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Donna is out to get Dutchess.  Check the video below for Donna’s response on Dutchess lies.

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