BOBBY SHMURDAMonday,  May 2nd, 2016 the body of Peter Martinez (Age:28) washed ashore on Manhattan Beach with cement blocks on his feet, or “cement shoes” as its been noted in several publications.  According to sources Martinez was a documented member of G-Stone Crips, same crew as incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda.

Authorities noted that Martinez, had been missing for more than 2 weeks when his body was found swaddled in black plastic bags and feet bound by 100 LBS of cement. As of now there is no known motive, only a lead that Peter may had, or had owed a debt to “someone”. Hmm  I wonder why they had to point out that Bobby Shmurda knew him.

Like do you know how many celebrities have friends, family and people they associate themselves with that you go looking them up, your bound to find one of them has a past.  Depending on what you digging for anyways.

Despite rumor’s of  Bobby Shmurda being bailed out on a 2 Million Dollar bond, the Rapper remains imprisoned alongside other member of G-Stone Crips awaiting a trial date.  Which I find ridiculous considering, how he was arrested is foul anyways.  He was at someone’s home when the police did an illegal search and found, drugs, guns and tried to pin both on him;  That’s even after it explained it wasn’t his, so for this man and others to be held without being formally charged and without bail or bond is ridiculous.  Where is the NAACP when you need them?.  Modern day slavery is what they’ve achieved by doing this to minorities and getting away with it.

Now you have his friend and associate washing up on shore and news leaking he was affiliated with Bobby Shmurda, are they trying to use this as a threat or a scare tactic for people to snitch or point the finger at Bobby Shmurda so he can take the rap for everything.  That’s why I’m happy he’s taking the proper steps to sue the Police Department and hopefully off technicality get everyone off.  Once he does that I’d advise to move the heck out of New York.  Go somewhere chill and quiet.  Pay someone to drive you every where and only deal with legit body guards and security from here out.

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