RICK ROSSA major bust in and a nationwide sweep this week  by the FBI,  they’ve documented the detainment and arrest of 48 members of the dangerously notorious gang “The Gangster Disciples”.  Several Members arrested and charged with a list of crimes which include charges such as murder, conspiracy of murder and extortion.

In a statement made by the FBI’s Atlanta field office Britt Johnson, ”The Gangster Disciples are a highly organized and ruthless gang that recognizes no geographical boundaries, Its members have far to long indiscriminately preyed upon and affected the good people of our communities like a cancer.”

Apparently Rapper & Mogul Rick Ross was one of those affected by their dauntless antics of threat, violence and extortion.  All stemming from Ross use of the Gangster Disciples name and symbols in his music. The indictment that was released points out a time frome beginning in 2012, members threatened physical harm against Ross, if he didn’t pay them when, where and how they wanted their money.

I find it interesting that people feel the entitlement off another person’s success, if your going to claim copyright on anything, its best to have your ducks lined up and actually build a legitimate claim to  it yourself legally first.  To get you all out my pockets, I’d of helped them round all you up too.

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