nmHip Hop Artist & Vixen Nicki Minaj was blind sided by a Lawsuit that she was served on behalf of ex boyfriend/ghost writer Safaree Samuels.   How he served her with the lawsuit was funny & quite messy. Continue Reading to hear how.

Safaree alleges in the suit that Nicki owes him for his creative input and support in 3 of her top selling Albums, starting with Pink Friday to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and last but not least “The Pink Print”.  That and for the abuse he’d suffered through being with Nicki.  Safaree knew Nicki would be in Philly this week with Meek Mill at his house for his Birthday.  Considering Meek is her man and he’s still on house arrest.  Well sure enough it was true,  and soon as she was served, Minaj let it rip on Twitter with her frustrations.


She went on to address the Abuse allegations he has in the suit, in which Samuels says he was mentally and physically abused by Nicki.  Which I can believe considering she’s always been known for her nasty attitude.  It wasn’t just but a month ago she through one of her security guards phones across the stage in the middle of one of shows-NICKI MINAJ LOSES IT ON STAGE


Safaree Samuels is slated to star in the 3rd Season of Mona Scott-Young’s Love & HipHop Hollywood starring along side his new girlfriend “Ms Nikki Baby”, Fizz ex and Mally Mal ex beard.  Which I find hilarious considering the name being so closely related and her being everybody THOT.  Well Nicki Minaj believes Safaree’s attempt to sue her is for part of his plot line on the show.  Which is quite possible considering he waited this long to seek damages in reference to abuse.  I can understand just now suing for them albums, it took Jas Prince Years before he came after Birdman and them legally for finding Drake and getting him signed to Cash Money.

What do think, should Safaree drop the suit and kick rocks?



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