PATRICKPatrick Zane Thompson of Goodyear, AZ had lost his ever loving mind and he atoned his brief moment of insanity to the fact he’d smoked some marijuana earlier that day.   When you read what happened below, you’d like myself will find it hard to believe, that weed couldn’t of been all he was smoking that day.

According to reports the madness started when Patrick’s 17 Year Old Daughter came home wearing a shirt he felt related to the devil.  That sent him into an episode no one in his family will surely forget.  He made his daughter take the shirt off and follow him to the back of the house, where he kept a bbq fire pit.

He lit the pit and made her throw her shirt in, he then went on ranting to the family that he’d have to make a male sacrifice.  He was quoted by the police as saying the choices were between himself, his six year old son and the families male poodle.   Patrick opted for the male poodle, he strangled the dog til it couldn’t breath then threw it on the grill along side his daughter’s shirt.

The next thing he did was go outside, lay in the grass &  started praying to God while he waited on Police to come and arrest him.  Which in my opinion was the sanest thing he’d done the whole night.   He’d told officer’s the Devil made him do it and that his family was in danger.  When officer’s spoke with his wife of 21 years , she asked them to charge him.  Thompson is now being held on 100,000.00 bail with

Now he want’s to blame this on just weed,  I think he left off the fact it had to been laced with PCP.

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