KRTyga & Love & Hiphop’s Karlie Redd were spotted out this past weekend at Beyonce’s Pasadena Concert; Every since then rumor’s have been running rampant that their the new “It Couple”. 

It hasn’t even been a full week since it’s been reported that Kylie & Tyga had broken up and already it’s assumed he’s moved on.   Well the rapper responded to the media’s &   fans assumptions by tweeting back that he wasn’t in a relationship with Karlie (Not exact words, but basically.)

  When it comes to he & Kylie, he’s been more open about their relationship now, then he was before when they were together.  He was quoted recently as this past Friday by  TMZ  this past  in response to a question they asked about his breakup, he had this to say, “We’re both just focused on our lives, our individual lives right now”.

I honestly think him being spotted with Karlie was a cute way of saying its all just “Love and Hip Hop”.  It was a cute way to promote his and Karlie’s Brands they represent. I wouldn’t put it past Mona Scott-Young for being the one who instigated them meeting up and hanging out.  Like how in the world did Karlie get a hold of Tyga all of a sudden, to where they kicking it?  Then again she does have a XM Radio Show on the Playboy Station, so maybe he’s a potential guest.  I dont know but one thing’s for sure he aint claiming you Karlie Redd.

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