ciara2Ciara had her day in a California Court this week with Baby daddy Future, primarily to address issues  revolving around  custody of son “Future Zahir”.  Ciara is seeking sole custody for their son and expected a judge to see things her way and grant just that.Reports are saying that Ciara nd her lawyer went court Monday morning with “guns blazing” gunning for full custody of her son.   Ciara and her Lawyer both took turns attacking Future’s character, life and parenting styles.

Future showed up too along side his counsel to hear the allegations and responded by asking for joint custody in which the judge granted.  Judges in the state of California prefer Joint over Sole custody.

Now scores of Future fans have created hateful meme’s making fun of Ciara’s loss in court to Future.  Now lets not get ahead of ourselves and forget that there is an actual law suit pending against Future from Ciara for 15 Million for Defamation- See Ciara Gives No Fawks & Suing Future

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