CRAIG MACK Original Bad Boy member Craig Mack has been noticeably absent from Puffy’s Bad Boy reunion tour and people have been asking where has the former MC have been.  Well Craig has been found as of recent and he’s found a new calling.

Craig Mack’s new calling and testimony is fully explained in the video below.  But he’s fully given himself to the Lord and has denounced his former Bad Boy lifestyle and career.  He’s a member and supporter of Overcomer’s ministry in Walterboro,SC along with his wife and children.

I think it’s amazing to see Craig’s transition into ministry, coming from the life he once lived.  It makes you believe in the true evil that hides itself in the industry and the sickness its caused to those who dare to tango with the devil.  Ex-Eclipse member Malice did an interview with the Breakfast Club in revealing why he let Hip Hop.  You can Check that out here-EX-ECLIPSE MEMBER “NO MALICE” BREAKFASTCLUB INTERVIEW


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