KAREN KINGKaren King may think that her role has been dynamic on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta so far, but we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg.  

According to multiple news outlets on Monday May 23rd,2016 LHHATL’s Karen King was arrested & charged with stealing another person’s identity and forgery; Thanks to the attention she’s brought upon herself by doing the show, the police had no problem in tracking her down.  King was arrested moments after arriving to Level A in Atlanta for a Love & Hip Hop promotional appearance.

Rumor has it that Karen rung up nearly 5000.00 in charges under another woman’s name at a Saks Fifth Ave in Atlanta, GA last year.  Police suspects that Karen and a employee at the time were working together, as the employee received kickbacks for sales made.

This show is so ratchet, a lot of the people on the show are looking for a fake story line to stay relevant and you have those like the King Family who’d sacrifice their own to be relevant.  Don’t think for a second that anybody believes you had nothing to do with with Dolla’s murder.  It’s so obvious its disgusting, to watch you all on the show.  I hope they don’t bring this family back on.  With our luck they’ll lock them all up to where we dont have to deal with them.







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