TAMAR BRAXTON, THE REALThe rumor mill is spinning with who Tamar Braxton prospective replacement will be and as of now there has only been one name that’s been on everyone’s tongues.  So it must be true right?

Since the announcement of Tamar Braxton’s departure from FOX Day-Time talk show “The Real”, people have been wondering who did the producers have in mind for her replacement;  As of yesterday we may have an answer. The rumored replacement for Tamar is none other then…KeKe Palmer BMAs16Actress/Singer KeKe Palmer

I think Keke Palmer would be perfect it was just a few summers ago she made history y being the youngest Time Talk Show host in history.  Keke Palmer premiered “Just KeKe” on BET’s Network summer of 2014 and was short lived due to other personal goals & dreams the now aspiring singer had at the time.

I believe KeKe being able to be apart of a panel with 4 other women with other views and opinions, will give voice to her on.  Simply because she’s a very eloquent speaker when it comes to her stance on politics, music and life in general.  She always see’s the silver lining in things, does her best to keep a positive attitude and at the same time encourages others to do the same in her daily snaps she shares.

Now given the reasons Tamar Braxton was reportedly fired for, I’d say the networks best bet would be KeKe Palmer. Considering her charm, wit and smile. They cant go wrong.  Advertisers want people they can utilize in not just one demographic and with KeKe’s eccentric spirit and style, she’s very marketable.

So if this true, great!  If not, I encourage you to keep doing your thang KeKe and know were proud of your here at $uper $tar $tatus.

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