livenationAlthough I didn’t initially report on the non-sense that had taken place in NY last week at the TI concert. Simply because, I was too disgusted to find the words. I felt I’d take the time to speak on the repercussion’s of Troy Ave’s actions, which unfortunately have affected others in the game.

Due to the decisions that were made that night inside the Gramercy Venue, that resulted in death and injury.  Live Nation has decided to cancel 6 upcoming concerts that were set to be held a The Irving Plaza & Gramercy Venue.

The Irving Plaza:
Joey Badass 06/02/2016
Mac Miller: 06/03/2016
Vince Staples:06/04/2016
Gramercy Theatre:
YG:Monday (June 6).

                A spokesperson for Irving Plaza and Gramercy told Rolling Stone:
“In light of last week’s tragic event, we are acting with an overabundance of caution and coordinating a going forward strategy with the New York Police Department that may also include a curfew”.
“Because these discussions with New York Police Department are ongoing, we will be postponing a few of our upcoming shows”.

I find it ridiculous with the technology we have in this day in age how anyone could think they’d could get away with shooting off a gun into a crowd.  Then you throw in the fact Troy Ave.  is a well known performer in the area.  You have to ask yourself, how dumb does one have to be?  You work so hard to obtain the money and the fame, all to flush it down the toilet on over-hyped beef.
Im getting turned off by hip hop based off stories like this alone.  It’s sad that other artist who are apart of the same Genre have to suffer, especially when they themselves have a good track record when it comes to the crows they bring & not being a target.

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