PULSEI didn’t get a chance to discuss the tragedy of the massacre that occurred  in Florida this past weekend, simply because I like to see how things play out before I go in with any preconceptions.   So far according to reports the killer was Omar Mateen a Radical Jihadist who was married and  struggling with being gay himself.    His wife Noor Zahi Salmanhas been working closely with the FBI and reportedly informed them she knew about the assault prior to it happening.  Noor admitted to authorities that she bought the ammunition and took husband Omar to Pulse Nightclub & Disney Land to scout out both locations as he was debating on where he was going to perform his massacre.  Noor reportedly tried to talk Omar out of it and then failed to notify authorities about his plan.  Now there’s a possibility of her facing charges for failing to do so.  Which I think  charges for her would be common sense, considering she could have prevented such a massacre had she just turned him in.

Now President Obama want’s to backdoor the Sandy Hook Tragedy with the Pulse Night Club Massacre as an excuse to ban the sale of High Powered weapons such as the ar-15’s, which were used in both incidents.   Now I don’t own a gun personally, but the issue I take with the ban is it infringes on our 2nd amendment,stop asking how or why?  When you should be asking why we had the right to own one to begin with?  Now say for instance they take high-powered guns off the market, that still leaves regular guns that still are capable of killing you. So would they be next to be banned?

A person doesn’t have to have a high-powered gun to take out 50 people, all they need is 2-3 regular guns and 4-5 clips.  You see it in movies all the time, they shoot and reload.  It’s simple.  So to say taking high-powered guns of the market, takes away a possibility of a massacre is ridiculous.  Again, I don’t have a gun and I can see how important it is to not allow our emotions to  run wild in making a decision to ban these weapons.

It’s easy to say to a law-abiding citizens you have to obey this law, but what about the criminals who wont follow that law.  They started off taking away High powered assault weapons from the citizens of Mexico. Then the Mexican Government came back & passed a law taking all guns away from law-abiding citizens, leaving them all defenseless to Criminals & the Drug Cartels who didn’t follow the law.  Which is why all of them are finding their way into the states to escape the turmoil & violence in Mexico. Obama and Attorney General at the time Eric Holder helped run guns into Mexico illegally to the cartels in a program that is notoriously known as “Fast & Furious”.  You don’t have to take my word on it, look it up.

We need to use our heads and not our hearts when it comes to personal freedoms & rights, because not everybody is going to “feel” the same way you do in multiple situations and scenarios.  Muslims don’t like pork, but I do.  So because they don’t like pork should we ban it from stores?  Another study you can research is how in the UK they banned guns period (nobody can have one) and instead of murder declining from that ban, deaths increased from stabbings.  If someone want’s you dead, their going to find a way.  So think about that at the polls if a ballot comes up for you to choose whether or not you support this ban.  It’s not hard to believe that the sales of High Powered weapons have increased, considering the threat of them being banned.

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