kim k3G.O.O.D Music Maker & CEO Kanye West Celebrated his 39th Birthday alongside his Children & Wife Kim Kardashian.  Kim Kardashian took the time to wish her eccentric egotistical husband a Happy Birthday!


kim k 1kim k2What’s so strange is seems like this was the first year the rest of the family failed to wish Kanye a Happy Birthday.  The only other person I found out of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan to wish him one was Kris Jenner.  You know she cant turn down a moment to use her #ProudMama slogan, which she tried to get copy written in the past and failed miserably at.

I Wonder what was up Kylie, Khloe & Kendall Butt?!  Generally they’re into jumping on Bro In Laws Yeezy’s Bandwagon.  I’m guessing he’s done something to make Khloe mad; In matters of the heart and feelings the younger sisters generally follow Khloe’s lead.

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