justin timberlake 2R&B Crooner Justin Timberlake is facing backlash from #BlackTwitter, for a recent tweet he’d posted to his social media. One in support of actor Jesse Williams #BET Awards Acceptance Speech.justintimberlakejustintimberlake6It all started after a Internet Troll caught wind of how Justin felt about Jessie Williams awards speech.  He initiated the conversation by attacking  JT ‘s artistry and how he believes he’s been appropriating black music and culture and threw in a bone for Janet Jackson in the end asking for an apology. Justin Timberlake addressed the troll and in the end issued and apology to anyone he’d offended and I just want to go on record by saying,  I’m African American and I want it to be known, I am not offended.  Justin did nothing but show love and support for Jesse Williams and the attack on his character was unwarranted considering what I have to say below.justin timeberlake4  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE1

Well lets touch on the definition of “Cultural Appropriation”, according to Wiki: Cultural appropriation is adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture without invitation or permission of use.  So this is what your accusing Justin Timberlake of doing right?  How is that considering he’s grown up in America and is part of the same culture of everyone else who’s grown up here.  He may not of had it bad considering he’s grown up in Show Biz.  But as someone on the outside looking in to say that he wasn’t invited or giving permission of use, considering he’s worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Jayz, Timbaland, Pharrell, Charlie Wilson, Ciara & Jamie Foxx, Etc.  If working with those artist weren’t an invite to Black Culture I’m not quite sure what is.

To say that Justin Timberlake is appropriating “Black Culture” is like saying all those mentioned above are doing the same thing.  There’s no way in the world Justin or anyone else is going to sit around and wait for every person of a single race to raise there hand to say it’s okay if you utilized what I believe to be apart of my culture. That in itself would be insane and artistically suffocating.

To go out of your way to attack another person’s creativity whether you agree with it or not is bullyish.  Considering the culture your fighting for so dearly is also partially to blame for alot of what’s wrong with Black America today.  If your going to stand up for appropriating black culture, stand up for the black women that black men do wrong every day.  Stand up for the single mothers and the children these “Black men” leave behind everyday to run these streets,  to end up dead or in prison.  Stand up for the Black Art’s other than Hip Hop, that no one seriously seems to care about or support like they should so we can make an impact in culture, such as Black Artist, Dancers & Innovators.

  If your going to address someone about anything that your passionate about have a well rounded point of view and not just one you picked up off the street, with no real substance or thought behind it.

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