CHARLENE MESS Charlene Mess(49) of Attica,New York pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced recently for the grizzly murder in April 2015 of husband of 30 years Douglas Mess.

Charlene admits that they’d had an argument earlier that day before she decided to fatally stab him with a pitchfork before shooting him in the head with a 22. Caliber rifle in the families barn for good measure (smdh).  She went through tying him up with wire that was laying around the barn then using a piece of equipment to move his lifeless body to the other side of the property, then finished the job by dumping and burying husband Douglass Mess in a huge Manure pile.  As she figured the body would  decompose and never be found.

If it not been for one of their son’s filing a police report for his missing father, setting off the 8 hour search that helped authorities locate his body 100 yard from the couples home, he’d probably never been found.  I can only imagine the the thought’s that were running through his mind when the officer’s broke the news and Lord have Mercy on whomever had to identify his body, considering the condition it must of been in.

Due to the heinous act’s that were committed Charlene Mess has been sentenced to 25 years for the murder of her husband.  District Attorney Donald O’Geen spoke on the case,”This sentence will not bring Doug back to his family but at least it will keep his killer away from society for a very long time. “The family will now go forward remembering Doug as a hardworking, gentle and kind man who was always there for his family and community, O’Geen said in a statement.

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