tatyana allenAccording to several news outlets local and national the Mother of the Year award goes to 18-year-old Tatyana Allen a Florida Native.  It was reported that she and her boyfriend had been arguing earlier in the day while at Daytona Beach in Florida and cops had broken it up and let them be. 

The second time she must of had her fill of whatever he was doing to piss her off and decided it would be a great Idea to pick up her own  6 month old infant child and proceed to beat him with the child.  Onlookers intervened and secured the child and her until an ambulance and cops were able to show up.   The child sustained bruising and cuts but she’s expected to be fine.

The cops arrested and formally charge Allen with battery and infliction of physical and mental injury to a child.  Thankfully she’s being held without bail, not to say she could think of any family member who’d be concerned enough about her to bail her out.  I wouldn’t put up a canoe to bail this monster out.

If anything they need to be worrying about what’s going to happy to that poor defenseless baby she’d carelessly abused,  it was a blessing it was seen in public.  No  telling what type of abuse this baby was subjected to on a daily basis for her to be instinctively use her child as a weapon.

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