KAREN KING 1Karen King can kiss what little fame she thought she’d hail from the Love and Hip Franchise away, cause just like her son Scrap those dreams were short-lived.  There’s no surprise the rumor is that they’ll be no more Love & Hip Hop Atlanta  everyone’s getting locked up, pending trial or  trying to move to California and be apart of the LHH Hollywood Franchise. 

Which in my opinion the Hollywood franchise is the realist thus far when it comes to reality, between T.Marie & Hazel E alone they have enough drama to fill a football stadium.  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has gotten so ratchet, it’s a wonder they hadn’t been canceled it.

Well Karen Faces 3 yrs for committing fraud & identity theft, she’d  gone into an Atlanta, GA Saks Fifth Ave and use stolen Identity to get store credit and make purchases- See-LHHATL Karen King Arrested for Forgery.  I enjoy seeing certain people on the Atl franchise but Karen King and her family wasn’t one of them.  You throw in the fact she boasted or owned up to what people say about her and her character on national T.V.  is beyond me, considering she’d  had this case pending.  The situation I’m referencing specifically, is when Karen got into it with Scrapp Deleon’s baby mother Tiara? I think that’s her name.

This family needs to re-evaluate the lifestyles they’re living considering her eldest is locked up and her youngest son Sas  almost lost his life after getting shot in the back of the head this past weekend.  Were not going to even get started on her nephew, who I think in trying to be relevant they ritually sacrificed.  Hmmm who knows but there was whispers about how they may been involved, which wouldn’t be hard to believe considering she convinced her sons to kidnap & assault their own father.  A crime in which  Scrapp Deleon was charged for & serving time for right now.

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