SERENA 2Serena Williams has made history by scoring her 7th Wimbledon and 22nd ‘Grand Slam’ Title  since going pro in 1995.  The athlete and her family couldn’t be more proud of her & her sister’s accomplishments. 

There hasn’t been anyone with the Last name Williams who’ve accomplished greater feat’s then her in their lifetime.  Serena Williams herself is worth over 140 Million dollars and after this recent win is sure to bank more towards her name. With her Serena Williams Clothing line, tons of acting/video credits under her belt and endorsements, its makes one wonder “what cant Serena do?”

I remember watching as her & Venus grew up and the obstacles they not only had to face in the Tennis community, but also the criticism they received from African Americans on how they looked and their hair.  It wasn’t until they’d become the stars they are today when people on both sides of the fence, had to accept “this is a force to reckoned with” and there’s nothing one can do to stop them, especially Serena.  I just want to congratulate Serena for going against the odds and believing in herself, because in the process she’s opened up doors and opportunities in other little girls minds.  Be it they’re white or black, she has shown with ‘Will’ and shear ‘determination’ you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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