BI2Beyonce twin Blue Ivy Carter was photo’d striking a pose by her aunt Solange.  It’s hard to believe she just turned 4 years old this past January, she’s grown to be such a cultured and poised young child.  Its hard not to imagine the genius that lies within that mind of hers, her aunt noted how she does her own “photo edits and selections” as she slayed in her Gucci fit.  Now Beyonce & Jay-Z have gone 4-Years without conceiving another child, and as every year passes it’s a wonder if they ever will. 


Yet rumors are circulating again that after Beyonce’s European Tour ends her and Hubby Shawn Carter will work on expanding their family.  They feel it’s time to give Blue a sibling or two she can grow up with and rely on.  This go around they’re not ruling out any methods as they’d like to be open to other possibilities in case the all natural method doesn’t work.  Some say they believe they already notice Beyonce sporting a baby bump, I posted a recent photo from one of her shows below and you judge for yourself. BEYONCE5I think people want her to have a baby so bad because there curious as to what she would name it. I know I am.

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