JAY Z Beyoncé is no fool, she made sure to come back to her marriage on her terms by getting Jay-Z to sign a post nuptial agreement which includes a cheating clause.   This clause guarantee’s half of Jay’s wealth if Beyoncé ever  catches him cheating again.

Sources say it didn’t take much convincing for Jay to agree to said clause considering he was desperate for Beyoncé to come home after months of dodging his calls and not fully communicating unless it had to do with their Daughter, Blue Ivy.    I say it was a smart business move for him considering Beyoncé is the majority of Bank they both pull in.

Besides after a while no woman wants to keep being put in the position where they’re putting their life in danger, considering all the jump-off’s he’s been connected to over the years.   It’s a wonder he hasn’t caught anything and given it to Bey.  Of course she’d never share that with us, or would she?  Considering not many would have believed before Lemonade she’d go this deep into her & Jay-Z Marital Issues.

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