ED HARTWELL KEISHAAfter nearly 8 months of marriage with former child star Keisha Pulliam-Knight, former NFL Linebacker & RHOA supporting husband Ed Hartwell decided to file for divorce.  He cited “irreconcilable differences” in court documents he had legally filed in a Fulton County court.  Many said they’ve not only heard but seen moments of discord in the months following the two’s surprise ‘New Years Eve’ nuptials in front of a select, small group of family & friends.

  His ex-wife Lisa Wu-Hartwell shared the hurt from the way she found out about the marriage, on the first episode of the New Season of “Hollywood Diva’s”.  How she explained  it in the episode she only found out after her 8 year old son told her.

Word on the street is Keisha had been completely blindsided by Ed with the filing of divorce! She knew they were bickering a bit lately, in her mind it wasn’t  anything that would end their marriage so abruptly.  It was announced recently that Keisha was pregnant with her & Ed’s first child together, a girl she announced tha would be due early 2017.  Ed has also made clear that he’d like a paternity test done on the baby once she’s born.

Which considering he married & laid with this woman and to question the Paternity openly to the world, how embarassing is that?  He really doesn’t want to try to reconcile this marriage, he’d like to be single.  It’s not hard to see that & the fact he couldn’t wait til his daughter was born to take a DNA test and file for divorce, show’s how heartless & careless he his with other people’s feelings.


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