althea benzinoFormer Love & Hip Hop Co-Stars & lovers Althea Heart & Benzino have been going back and forth slandering each other on social media for the past couple of months.  Which is strange considering it was just July of last year they’d just announced Althea was pregnant with their first child together.  It seems like it was just weeks after the baby was born when the relationship fell apart. 

Before they left LHHATL you could tell it was a somewhat volatile and unsecured relationship, from just the little they were able to catch on film.  I knew Benzino was going to feel some kind of way about what ‘The The’ said about wanting to own half of “The Source Magazine”, since then he’s been making every excuse not to walk down that isle.

Well this past week their situation took a turn for the worst, when Althea got arrested for being in contempt of court and ordered to spend time in jail.  I know your like wtf happened? Well shut up, lean forward with your cup & let me spill tea!  Apparently Althea was ordered by the court not to communicate with Benzino.

Well she decided that she wasn’t going to follow that order and contacted Zino and went off on him.  Which turned out to be a huge mistake, because when the judge and the courts found out they had her arrested immediately and thrown in jail for 7-10 zinoAs of right now Althea is still behind bars and little Zino is with his father.

Here I thought that Joseline & Stevie J Had more Drama going on-More Bombs Dropped As Drama Heats Up Between Stevie J & Joseline

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