THE PREACHERSThe Preachers an all-new talk show featuring four preachers of different backgrounds, who’ve come together to share their individual, mutual & perspective views in a dynamic and exciting way.  The Preachers are Hosted by none other than John Gray, Dr. E Dewey Smith Jr., Orrick Quick and Dr. Jamal Bryant. 

This being their official 3rd week on air The beautiful singer/actress Naturi Naughton came on and discussed Color-ism in America and in the experiences she’s had as being a darker skinned woman.  One of the Pastors get real messy when he ask her about the rumor’s of Lil Kim being upset and throwing shade at Naturi being chosen to play & being Lil Kim in the Biggie Biopic.   Check her reply in the short clip Below:

Lil Kim ought to be ashamed of herself, considering the whole Biggie Biopic was based on the early 90’s then I’d say the casting director who’d chose Naturi Naughton was pretty accurate when it came to her skin tone.  No one can help that you’ve bleached yourself into Oblivion Lil Kim-Lil Kim Disappearing Before Our Eyes. And it’s a shame how you ostracized this sister for doing her craft and doing it very well, there’s no one who can pull off that roll of you in that Biggie Biopic better then Naturi.  Not even yourself as you are now, could of played you.. SMDH

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