kendu issacsAfter 12 long years of marriage, singer Mary J Blige has finally thrown in the towel with Husbandger  Kendu Issac, citing irreconcilable difference’s  as grounds for divorce.  Last checked Mary J’s net worth was 10 million dollars and she’s reportedly requesting the Judge to block & take any spousal support to Issac’s off the table. 

  Cause if you ask anybody who knew behind the scenes about Kendu’s infidelities and the many times Mary had forgiven him, you’d know it was just a matter of time.   Years after they were married,  Mary  J marred by Issac’s past discretion’s, insecurities & suspicions reportedly banned her husband from having any female friends.

The question should really be, was there a pre-nup or a post-nuptial agreement that detailed what would or wouldn’t be on table in case of a separation or a divorce. And from what I understand there’s not, which is sad because she had plenty of cause & media attention to leave before.

Luckily the two don’t share any biological children together, so child custody nor support come into play.

You can check out a past interview she did with Wendy Williams in December of 2014 in which she discusses music and Marriage.  It really telling of where her heart and her mind was at the time..

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