kris jennerI swore this was Kim Kardashian..
Kardashian-Jenner Matriarch & Madame Kris Jenner was involved in a car accident earlier today, while attempting to enter onto the free way.  According to sources close to the family, Kris is a bit shaken up and may have suffered a sprained wrist. Apparently the accident wasn’t her fault either, according to the witnesses that confired what happened with Police.

According to TMZ:

A Kardashian source tells us the Prius ran a red light.  A law enforcement source tells TMZ it appears Kris was driving on a surface street when the Prius cut in front of her trying to get onto the 101 and caused the collision.

We’re told Kris is being treated on scene by paramedics … who we’re told did not want to remove her from the car for fear of exacerbating her injury.

The Rolls is only a week old.

Get Better Krissy Pooh!

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