KHLOE KARDSHIAN 2Khloe Kardashian is serving in these suede-grey thigh-high boots and frock, along with her self proclaimed ‘hailey (baldwin) inspired hairstyle. 


I always enjoy seeing what Khloe has on, with that new body of hers she’s a walking billboard for any major or start up brand.  Baby sister Kylie Jenner couldn’t allow big sister Khloe K to slay alone and posted the photo to her social media below.

KYLIE JENNER4Kylie Jenner is giving us that barely legal pose. And I’m certain that Tyga is due for a trade-in considering she just turned 19 and it wont be long til she’s knocking on 20’s door.  He can’t not be caught with a teenager, what would that do to his pervert rapey  image?

kylie jenner5Kylie is Cute.. I’ll give her that..


khloe kardashian 5Khloe Kardashian is officially the hottest sister..

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