GOLDENBROOKS2As you’ve certainly found out by now on the latest episode of Hollywood Diva it’s revealed Golden Brooks lost a role on the Fox series ‘Lethal Weapon’.  Now if your anything like me and can’t wait til next episode to find out who, then you’ve been looking to find out.

  They never really said which role she was to play on the series, but the hint that got me to notice which part was when Carmen said “I heard she lost it to another actress, who was on ‘Girlfriends'”.  So come to find out the role was for “Trish Murtaugh” and the actress they booted Golden out the table read was none other than the beautiful and talented Keesha Sharp.  KEESHA SHARP4@KeeshaSharp Instagram

keesha sharp

I think if she wasn’t acting she’d have an incredible stand up career, because she has impeccable comedic timing in everything I’ve seen her act in.  And that takes true improvisational skills, a alot of which can’t be taught, but uniquely instilled in her.  I can honestly see why they’d chosen her to play opposite of Damon Wayne’s as Det.Murtaughs wife Trish.the murtaghsJust imagine Golden Brooks standing there instead of her, with that sour puss she always has on her face.  Golden needs to stop counting her chickens, before they hatch and accept the fact she isn’t the black Angelina Jolie.  I’m sorry this opportunity didn’t work out for her, but you have to put good vibes out there in the world, in order to receive them back.  How she speaks to people it amazes me and for all she know Paula Jai Parker called a favor in and requested she get that part, to have it taken from her.  Paula got more pull then people give her credit.  And the fact she was able to book & film ‘Ray Donovan’ goes to show she’s more a pro in the game then you think.

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