enikoparish kevin hartBaltimore native & Socialite Eniko Parrish made it official & married longtime boyfriend & entertainer Kevin Hart this weekend in an extravagant, which I’m sure it was to be one for the ages.  Reportedly they’ve traditionally married without a prenuptial agreement and I know that couldn’t of sat well with ex and mother of his children Torrei Hart.  Whom I doubt was involved, nor invited to the wedding.  Which I’m certain with that she was certainly fine with. 

Knowing how loving of a person Kevin Hart is I’m certain he’s smart enough to have a will & testament to guard his heir’s assets and future asset’s be it that he passes before his time.  Not to say she married him for his money, but come on Kevin Hart is far from perfect when it comes to being faithful. Cheating might of been cute when they were dating, but for some reason women believe once they walk down that isle they’ve reserved the right to flip out on you and make you regret the day you’ve married them. punta cuna

Go zero to 100 real quick to filing for divorce and threatening to take you to the cleaners.  She knows she didn’t have that right with being just a girlfriend or a fiance and really got the ‘Golden Ticket’ when he decided to meet her on the other end of that isle.

I admit It took me a while to get over how Kevin handled his last relationship & marriage, but I admit Eniko Parrish is growing on me.  Anybody who can put up with Kevin Hart crazy self deserves an award, lol So, I wish the happy couple the best!


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