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casper smart

Rumor’s have been circulating that 47 year-old performer & mother of 2, is pregnant for the first time with boyfriend Casper Smart’s baby.  According to random sources Jennifer Lopez is more than 3 months pregnant and couldn’t be more excited about the news, as J-Lo has been dying to get pregnant again. As of now they don’t know the sex of the baby and aren’t to concerned, but are excited & looking forward to finding out.

J-Lo & Casper started their relationship back in 2011 after getting to know each other  while on tour, as he started as her background dancer.   They’d held strong for a while then took a small break in 2014, only to get back together and they’ve been going strong ever since.  So if she were pregnant it wouldn’t come as a surprise to those whom know the couple personally.  As they’re deeply in love and heavily invested in each others lives,  Casper’s career is taking off and acting and of course Jennifer is still doing her thang!

J-Lo’s manager Benny Medina did inform TMZ that the singer/actress wasn’t pregnant and actually asked where in the picture below, does it appear that she is?jloIn my opinion this picture proves nothing, except the fact she conventionally decided to wear high wasted paints and a halter top, which has easily fulled a train eye before when it’s come to celebrity pregnancies.

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