geniusDJ Genius is done staking his claim on Atlanta’s hip hop scene and has turned his sights to taking over the world with is sound & music.  Today he released a collab with two of the hottest underground artist I know, Sy Ari Da Kid & Chris Plenty with a song entitled “Pain”. 


I believe there’s a message he want’s to embellish in the listener’s mind and that is “Life can be painful, but you have to go through it to get through it and don’t get lost in the pain of it all”.  As that is DJ Genius on the hook saying “You got to go through the rain. Please don’t get lost in the pain, so poetic and true considering many of the excuses one use to give up on something has to do with there dislike of what feeling it brings them be it pain, hurt or anger.


If you enjoyed that song, check out my favorite one featuring Sy Ari Da Kid & Bryson Tiller-Priorities

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