TAYLORSWIFTCountry/Pop Princess Taylor Swift was a no show at this weekends VMA’s and the rumor mill has been swirling. Many insider’s said it had to do with the fact that Beyoncé pulled strings to have Swift banned from performing or attending the VMA’s, well Taylor and her camp want you to believe it was because…

She went to Tennessee to sit to be a Juror on an upcoming trial, as though getting her Lawyer to help her skip out on Jury Duty wouldn’t be possible.  It’s plenty of times I didn’t go to Jury Duty because I had to work and have bills to pay, the only people who answer those are folks who can afford to miss work.  I can’t answer your summons…

Besides what court-house is open on the weekend looking for Juror’s?  Apparently one in the state of Tennessee.  The story of Beyoncé getting her banned from the Awards Show is more plausible & and way more believable than this.

Then as early as of today TMZ reports she’s no longer under consideration as a Juror on a aggravated rape/kidnapping case .  The Reason given was because Swift didn’t believe she could give an unbiased opinion due to the fact, she has a case surrounding a sexual assault that transpired between her and a Radio DJ.  So the Judge Dismissed her from having to serve.

I like how she feels as though she can compare aggravated rape & kidnapping to someone allegedly groping her.  SMDH! Oh, Taylor Swift how the mighty have fallen…

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