Chris Brown ran into some major issues in the early hours of Tuesday morning, all beginning with a phone call to Police from an occupant/visitor who was in the house.


Baylee Curran is apparently a well known former Pageant Queen claimed to Police that after lounging around Chris Browns house in the Jacuzzi, she walked into the living room and found Chris Brown and a few of his friends admiring some Jewelry.  From there things went left, Curran described in the report that Brown had become irate that she’d seen the Jewelry and demanded she and her friend sign a non-disclosure agreement before they’d left his house.

When she wouldn’t comply Brown allegedly pulled a gun and holding her and her phone hostage.  Eventually she was allowed to believe, and once off the premises she called Police.  From then there was an all day stand off, where Brown barricaded himself into his home and LA SWAT & Police surrounded the house.

He kept himself holed up all day in his home saying how the Police would have to obtain a search warrant to come inside his home. And it wasn’t long after 5pm PST after an all day standoff in his Tarzana home Brown finally surrendered.  As of now Chris is being charged with an “Assault With a Deadly Weapon.

“We are currently conducting an investigation at the residence of Mr. Chris Brown,” LAPD spokesperson Chris Ramirez told Radar Online prior to the arrest, “Detectives are currently serving the search warrant and trying to get the occupants and Mr. Chris Brown to cooperate with our investigation to find out if there’s any type of relation to what occurred this morning.”

Earlier in the day, Breezy launched an Instagram rant to defend his innocence. The singer denied any wrongdoings, saying he woke up after sleeping the whole night to find police surrounding his house.

“So I’m asleep half the damn night,” he began. “I just wake up and all these motherf**king helicopter choppers are around, the police are at the gate. C’mon, my n**ga, what the f**k else do y’all want from me? I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work. I don’t even f**k ugly bitches, trifling bitches, whatever the f**k it.”

From what I under stand Singer Ray J was there as well, and when he left early this morning in the midst of the Stand off, Police pulled him over searched him and checked his I.D.  Ray was allowed to leave but his car has been impounded pending a search of its contents.  It’s safe to say Ray J Ubered home and it’s a wonder what his new Bride Princess Love has to say about this situation, considering he wasn’t at home with her.

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